March 18, 2015

Year 2014 was highly significant for GGL from the EHS standpoint. This was the first year when Guardian moved on from its Loss Control program to the broader umbrella of the EHS program.

GGL was proactive in understanding and implementing the new EHS program. A new EHS core team was formed with the EHS executive along with other cross functional members. Floor operators were trained and imbibed as EHS Facilators into the core team as well.


New initiatives and procedures were implemented to formalize the water, air, hazardous waste and solid waste handling systems. Various teams worked on projects to come up with energy and water conservation projects with great success.


Amongst the major milestones, GGL crossed the 2 million LTA free man hours streak and had instant celebrations with all crews. The achievement was also celebrated with the families of all employees with a grand funfair.


In 2014 each department also started tracking department wise safety streaks and most of the departments achieved the 100 safe days streak and celebrated in the departments.

The year 2015 has started off on a positive note with GGL’s bagging the EHS excellence Silver Glass Winners award for its Green Enviro initiative where it achieved major breakthroughs in energy conservation.